Sergio Langer lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cartoonist, illustrator, and architect, he has published his work in numerous countries in Europe and the Americas. For the last thirteen years, his daily strip “La Nelly,” a fierce satire of the Buenos Aires middle class, with scripts by Rubén Mira, has appeared in the newspaper Clarín.

Langer’s drawings were first published in the magazine Humor in 1979, during the military dictatorship. In the 1990s, he was the founder, together with a group of other artists, of the legendary fanzine Lapiz Japones. Since 2003, his gallery of monstrous characters, featured in “Mamá Pierri” and “Clase Media,” have appeared in the magazine Barcelona.

He collaborates and is part of the staff of the Madrid-based Mongolia magazine, and his works can be seen from time to time as well in the French publication Courrier International and the Uruguayan monthly Lento.

 He has also collaborated with El Periodista, Playboy, Noticias, Sex Humor, Pag / 12, La Prensa, O Pasquim, The Clinic, El Jueves, Magazine, Newsweek, and El Comercio, among other national and international media outlets.

He has published some 15 books, including Jews (Planeta, 2015), A Manual of Argentinian History, from Carlos to Nestór (2003), Burroughs for Beginners (Longseller, 2001), and Black and White (Eudeba, 2000). His comics have won prizes in Japan, Brazil and China.